Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Precious Fellowship of Christian Sisters

At moments when we least expect it the Lord blesses His people in ways we would never have imagined. I personally experienced this recently when we hosted a family from Pennsylvania two weeks ago. We had met the Phero's, goodness, 4, 5 (?) years ago while we were still living in New Jersey. If I remember correctly it was a year before we moved to the Midwest that we received the news that Mrs. Phero had gone home to be with the Lord. Although it was a time of grieving it was also a time of anticipation. Before her death the late Mrs. Phero had prayed and asked the Lord to send her husband a godly wife and a godly mother for her children and we were anxious to see how the Lord would work all this out. The Lord was faithful and provided Sarah (formally Einwechter) as a fully capable, God fearing wife and mother. My mom flew out to Jersey last fall and had the chance to meet the 'new' Mrs. Phero and she came back with nothing but praise for this woman and, needless to say, I couldn't wait to meet her. By the same token, I didn't expect that the Phero's would head our way and that not only would I have the opportunity to meet Mrs. Phero, but I would also be able to meet two of her sisters, Karen and Abigail.

I had the time of my life getting to know these two wonderful young ladies. With the exception of Tuesday our guests spent everyday out touring various sights of the Midwest. We joined them twice, but we really got to know each other through our night time conversations. We talked about everything from farming, goats, family stories, fireproof, marriage (the 'why' and 'why nots') and everything in between. It was such a blessing!
Karen and Abigail, thanks so much for coming out, your fellowship was such a blessing!
(I was going to 'fiddle' with the car so y'all could stay longer, but I figured your family probably missed you :)


Karen said...

Hi Monique!

I greatly enjoyed our time with you as well. It was such a blessing to me and an encouragment to me. I am so thankful for how the Lord refreshes His children with the fellowship of others in His family.

May God bless you abundantly!! I hope we can visit again before too long.

Karen Einwechter

Benjamin E. said...

(I was going to 'fiddle' with the car so y'all could stay longer, but I figured your family probably missed you :)

We were glad to have them back. Thanks for being so considerate, Monique. ;-)