Sunday, June 15, 2008

'Survive or Thrive?' Answers, Part 1

* As an introductory note, make sure that you read, "Survive or Thrive?" before reading the following.

I sent Miss. Jasmine Baucham a list of questions to which she graciously replied. Below are the questions and her very well articulated answers. Enjoy :)

Q. "What about college?"
A. Whether or not a family decides to give their sons or daughters a college education is up to them, but I'm not sure it's entirely wise to send an eighteen-year-old of either gender across the country to receive that education without the guidance and discipleship of their parents. Most often, there are just too many other options to justify that choice. That's not to say there aren't good Christian schools out there, and that college degrees are evil. But it's also not to say that following another course of action automatically condemns me or anyone else in my shoes.
Q. "How do you handle less than pleased responses when people want to know what you're doing and why? "
A. I just try to remain calm, and to realize that the way I carry myself has a lot to do with how people perceive my decisions. If I am imperial and judgmental, and if I frown down my nose at young women who haven't had the blessing of making the choices that I have, people's response to me will be negative and defensive. If I'm full of grace and humility, if I learn to smile a little, be joyful :), I might get the same horrible reaction, but I'll be able to rest easy, knowing that I responded with Christian love and charity. We must also remember that we're not in this for the world's approval. If we're staying at home just so we can pat our backs and puff out our chests, we're doing it for the wrong reasons.
Q. "What about extended family who are disappointed with your decision?"
A. In my case, my extended family has been disappointed with us very often, whether it be for the choice to attend an FIC, the choice to homeschool, my choice not to date... so it's nothing new! :) But I do have a set of cousins who have been very understanding, and who -after realizing the reasons behind my choice to stay at home -have even started to make the same choices, or at least respect my choice. Again, we're not doing this for the world's approval. Some family members are just glad to see that I'm content and settled with my choice (the one's who always ask if I'm still "okay"), but there will always be some who just think I'm "weird," and that's going to have to be okay. We have to have a thick skin, and be ready to answer questions. :)
Q. "How do you handle difficulties of going against the culture?"
A. My daddy always says that I'm ever ready for a war! :) That's my personality. I always want to have an answer for any question leveled against me, and I want it to be articulately and gracefully stated. I had to realize that my family are the people who will always love me, and that as long as I was honoring my parents and glorifying God through my choices, I had nothing to fear from the world. Being a Christian, I'm promised persecution in God's Word. I've learned that it's coming, and that when it comes, I ought to be ready for it. That doesn't mean I walk about with a furrowed brow and a harsh demeanor, but it does mean that I know where and why I stand.
Q. "When you are struggling, how do you refocus?"
A. I center myself on God's Word. I talk to my parents -especially my mom -about my struggles, and they pray with me and hold me accountable. I talk to like minded friends, and we pray together and laugh together. And I try not to take myself too seriously. Life's hard enough without putting myself on a pedestal. :)

Survive or Thrive?

Our culture is involved in a serious battle for the family. The more I read about feminism in the words of feminists the more I am shocked-they are not in anyway guarded about their agenda. They want to 'liberate' the woman from her God ordained role in the home, destroy men, place children under the care of the government, destroy personal property, and enslave us all to a Socialistic State. Unfortunately, the church has also bought this destructive lie, some promote it outright, denying the authority of the Inspired Word of God, others unwittingly promote the destructive force of feminism by not understanding the role of women as ordained by God and as a result of their ignorance they are following the feministic culture around them. However, in His grace God is opening the eyes of His people to understand what the scriptures teaches about the family. Things seemingly so plainly stated and yet we breeze over them as we study the scriptures. As we seek to revive God's plan for women daughters are wanting to know, what does the scripture say about our role? 'Honor your father and mother', yes we know, but is that it? Most would say yes, but I believe differently. If the role of being a wife and mother is taken so seriously by God that He would warn us to be faithful to our posts so that His word is not blasphemed (Titus 2:4-5) don't you think He would desire that we spend time learning how to fill those roles? Woman's role involves submission, sevice, diligence, joy, faithfulness (1 Cor. 11:3, 14:34-35; Titus 2:4-5; 1 Peter 3:1-6; Eph.5:22-24; Gen. 2:18 & 22; Proverbs 31:10-31) in return we receive the blessings of learning and protection (Neh. 4:14 & 8:3; Numbers 30:3-16; Eph. 5:25). Why do we automatically assume that we are only to apply these principles of womanhood after marriage? Why do we assume that until she has a husband a woman is atonomous? Why do we believe that we will just 'know' how to live on a budget, cook, efficiently clean, patiently care for and train children, and happily submitt to a husband when we are married? These are things that must be carefully cultivated during our youth.
This blog was originally established to encourage daughters who understand this and are seeking daily to apply it. Most specifically, I wanted to encourage daughters who have chosen to remain home under their father's protection and authority during this phase of life.
To this end I have been seeking to put toegher a small series of interviews with other Christian young women who have choosen to embrace the biblical model for the family and are remaining home while serving and preparing for the future.
I hope that you are blessed and encouraged by the testimonies of these fellow pilgrims.