Monday, September 29, 2008

Bail Out

Praise the Lord, the bail out lost! I would highly encourage everyone who took action to write their Representatives and thank them for their vote. Also, let's remember to be praying for wisdom in this situation, it's not over yet :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Check This Out.

And this:

Let us exercise our civil responsibilities as American citizens and make our voices firmly and respectfully known in a God honoring manner.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Mess of Pottage. . .

While delivering her acceptance speech Sarah Palin commented:

“It was rightly noted in Denver this week that Hillary left 18 million cracks in the highest, hardest glass ceiling in America, but it turns out the women of America aren’t finished yet and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all.”

Mr. Scott Brown posted an article that did a very good job presenting the painful reality of shattering the protective barrier that comes with living within the God ordained role of womanhood. I enjoyed the post and wanted to take some time to further develop his comment, “. . . history has proven that when women break the protective barrier that God has established for them it comes at a high cost. . .with that liberation comes a lot of blood from the falling glass.”
Mr. Brown gives a list of some of the scars that the falling glass has left, what I have done is looked at what roles/principles and/or character qualities women by and large have left and the results thereof.

“She looks well to the ways of her household. . .”
In seeking to shatter glass and earn freedom and equality women have left the role of managing their homes. Once, a woman understood and prepared from her early years to be frugal, orderly, diligent and joyful in the home duties, the majority of women now possess few, if any of these qualities. Instead of preparing to be managers of their homes women spend their lives preparing for careers and often are unable to manage a biblical household.
Proverbs 31:10-31 (esp.27); Titus 2:4-5; Phil. 2:3-4;

“. . . Keepers at Home. . .”
God has called women to be keepers at home. Within this role, under the authority of her husband, is the responsibility of guarding against the influences that can enter in. This requires discernment and diligence; unfortunately, women by and large have compromised if not completely abandoned this vital role. Children from infancy are now exposed to illicit sex, drugs, alcohol, and malicious violence. Primarily through television, music, and the moral relativism taught in public schools. We see the results in the rise of domestic violence, suicide, children murdering their parents or classmates, rape, and a willing loss of virginity at increasingly younger ages as well as a loss of innocence and a complacent attitude toward wickedness.
1 Tim. 5:14; Titus 2:4-5;

“Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.”
The marriage relationships of our day are also suffering. Women no longer understand, let alone want or perform, the role of a helpmeet. In a “me-first” mentality, women have rejected the character of submission, substituting instead home-egalitarianism, and no longer love or truly respect and submit to their husbands the way scripture commands. They are no longer soul-mates and helpers to their husbands. Independence and neglect has lead to a rise in divorce and extra marital affairs.
1 Peter 3:1-6; 1 Cor. 11:3; 1 Cor. 14:35; 1 Cor. 7:3;

“. . . To love their children. . .”
Women are called to love their children, the love of a mother is life sacrificing and tender. It is fierce enough to defend her children with her life if need be and tender enough to kiss a boo-boo or wipe a fevered brow. It is self-sacrificing, realizing that the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of her children are time consuming and a mother is willing to make those sacrifices. Unfortunately, women now sacrifice their children for their own agendas. Unwanted babies are declared to be little more than “fetuses” and are murdered, young children (infants even!) are dropped off at day care to be watched over by strangers so that mommy can go to work. I am not criticizing single mothers who have no other options, (though in those situations I say shame on the woman’s family and on the Church for not stepping in the care for women and children!), I am talking about women who need to feel ‘fulfilled’ or need the larger wardrobe, house, 2nd car, you name it. As a result of this horrific neglect children are growing up without proper guidance and therefore make unnecessary mistakes with can lead to physical, mental and emotional scars. This also results in emotional disorders and/or intense anger toward their parents, ultimately because they do not have the love or hearts of their parents.
Titus 2:4; Prov. 6:20; Prov. 4:3; Prov 31:1;

“But I want you to know, that . . . the head of the woman is man . . .”
Scripture teaches the authority of a man in his home. He is to be the leader, protector and provider and his wife is to be his wise, willing and able helpmeet. Under his headship the family is united. However, in rebellion women have declared the leadership of the husband to be unfair and demanded equality. The results? Individualism run amuck has lead to the breakdown of the family which is an essential building block of civilization. Weak, irresponsible family units lead to unstable societies which in turn lead to too strong a federal government, which ultimately leads to loss of freedom and governments such as socialism.
Eph. 5:22-24; Col. 3:18; 1 Peter 3:1-6

“She girds her loins with strength, and strengthens her arms.”
Women today no longer understand true biblical femininity. It has mistakenly become synonymous with weakness and ditzy character. True femininity was exemplified by the pilgrim women who left all familiar to them and followed their husbands to a foreign land, lost 48% of their number over the first winter and despite that they stayed and would not return to England. Femininity was exemplified by the pioneer women who left the comforts of the East and suffered incredible hardships alongside their husbands, but persevered and settled the West. Femininity is not weak, flimsy or ditzy; feminine women aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty and yet they still seek to balance gentleness and graciousness in the midst of it all. Unfortunately, women have traded this for androgyny and attempted masculinity which has resulted in confusion for both men and women. Feminism has told men that it is wrong for them to be manly because it stifles woman’s “independence”, evolution has told men that they are nothing more than highly evolved animals. Women have bought the lies of feminism that tell them they have the freedom to flaunt themselves and behave flirtatiously. Feminism has told women that true freedom comes from asserting their authority over men, though ‘Christianized’ feminism has decided to settle for ‘equal’ roles. The unavoidable consequences: lust is prevalent and vocalized; women are viewed and even view themselves as objects, and men are have no clue what it is to lead in their homes.
1 Peter 3:5-6; 1 Sam 25:13-35; Ester 4:16c; Proverbs 11:16;

Speaking of leadership, ever wonder why many men make excellent leaders at work but are totally lost when they are at home? I asked my father and here is his response:
“At work, whether it be at an office, in the military, etc, there is positional authority. i.e. I am the manager and regardless of whether or not you are male or female, you acknowledge and respond to my authority. At home on the other hand, men are told that everything must be ‘equal’, the chores are equally divided, the say on decision making is “equal” and men are at a loss. They were created to lead and here they are told not to.” I wonder if this is a reason for men to become work-a-holics? Granted, I have no statistical proof, but I can’t help but wonder if the work environment where leadership is expected is more preferable than the home, where there is no clear authority and leadership?

What is the answer to all this? To return to and embrace God’s roles for men and women, to understand that men and women are of equal value in God’s eyes but they were created to fill different positions in a complimentary manner. This world has wallowed in its own filth long enough, let’s purpose to honor Christ through obedience to His word and show the lost and dying around us what true, strong womanhood is and the abundance of blessings womanhood brings.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Saith the Scriptures?

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds that you may prove that which is good, acceptable, perfect will of God” Romans 12:1The current presidential campaigns have caused a great stir amongst the American people in general, and believers in specific, especially since Senator John McCain announced Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. As the debates began and rapidly picked up speed one main question circulated, should Christians vote for a woman to hold the office of Vice President and with that, possibly President? Along side that inquiry surfaced a problem that has long plagued the professing Christian community: will our answer to this question (and subsequently, our vote) be based on biblical truth or will it be decided by what is culturally accepted?The answer was simple when it came to Senator Clinton, she is an outspoken critic of all we hold dear, there was no way she was going to get votes from born-again believers, or if she did, it would have been a very small minority. However, when Gov. Palin was announced VP for Senator McCain, many professing Christians were caught off guard. Here is a woman who seemingly on the surface embraced many of our own values. She claims to be pro-life, to support the 2nd Amendment, is conservative (at least comparatively speaking) and politically confident and classy. Almost immediately believers began throwing their support behind her. It seems like Sarah Palin is an answer to the prayers of many. But is she? Should we cast our votes for a man whose VP has rejected God’s plan for women (Prov. 31:10-31; Titus 2:4-5; 1 Tim. 5:14; Gen. 2:18 & 22)? Should we cast votes for a VP who is in support of feminism which has wrought such destruction in our land? Can we, with a conscience upright before God, vote for a woman stepping outside her biblical jurisdiction, realizing that scripture bemoans such usurpations of God’s established order (Is. 3:12)? Brothers and sisters, as the redeemed children of God our response to this situation must be determined not by fear, preference or anything outside the truths of God’s eternal, immutable, all sufficient word!I would highly encourage you to read the following articles by Mr. Phillips, Mr. Einwechter, Mr. Nathaniel Darnell, and Miss. Jasmine Baucham; each of these have written more thoroughly and eloquently on the subject and can help get the wheels in your mind turning!
~"Should Christians Support a Woman for the office of Civil Magistrate?"
~"Biblical Standards for Choosing Civil Magistrates."
~ "How Sarah Palin Fails to Meet the Biblical Qualifications for Civil Magistrates "
~ "McCain's Biblically Unqualified VP Pick a "Feminist for Life"
~ "Ten Reasons Why I Don't Want to be VP When I Grow Up"
~ "Why Sarah Palin Inspires Us"

Friday, September 12, 2008

No Longer My Own

"If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth at the right hand of God. Set your affections on things which are above, and not on things wchich are on the earth. For ye are dead and your life is hid in Christ with God." Col. 3:1-3

"You should be at the movies with your friends; You should be out at 11:00 at night and your parents should be wondering where you are. . . " believe it or not, that was advice given me by my Grandmother who is concerned that I am wasting my one opportunity to be a care-free youth. And it doesn't end there either, she called my father the other night to let him know that I am "too good" and she is very concerned about me; after all, it isn't natural to want to be with your family, to enjoy being at home, or to have friends that are as young as 8-12 when you are 19. It is truly ironic that these concerns keep her awake at night and burden her heart, but they do. One of the conversations that we had during my visit with her in August was on this exact topic. She reminded me that I am only young once, "yes, but if I am seeking to be a responsible adult, shouldn't I be preparing now?" I asked gently. She didn't have an answer.

It seems everything beckons to us, calling us to enjoy the pleasures of the moment, regardless of future consequences. Our fallen sin nature stirs within us powerful desires to pursue our own agenda rather than to learn to take up our crosses and follow Christ, to daily die to ourselves.

When I find myself becoming discontent and losing focus I love to go back and read Colossians 3:1-3 as well as verses like 2 Timothy 2:4, Eph. 5:16, and Eph. 2:10 . I am reminded that I am not my own, my life is not mine to live for my own pleasures but for the glory of Him who redeemed me and calls me His own.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Address

Okay, the new address for my other blog (formally, 'Giddy Kansas Gal') is now:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sorry it has been so long!

Whew, I can't keep up with everthing there is to do! Right now my home responsibilities are keeping me very busy, but mom said I can take a few minutes before bed to update my blogs.

For various and sundry reasons I am going to post-pone the study of the Proverbs 31 woman, the more I study the more convicted I am and the more I realize that before I can present anything I need to take a couple important principles to heart and study them further.
Until I am able to continue (or begin really) I will be posting on some other topics. Tonight is not the night for a post, I've got to go to bed so I can try and get up early and the next several days are going to be really busy for me so I might not be doing much on here until Tuesday or Wednesday. Until then, I am trying to remember all there is to post on!