Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hold Tight

It's not normally my policy to post twice in one night (mostly because I do not have the time) however, my father brought home some interesting articles that I wanted to refer you all to.
These articles are very interesting and I highly recommend you read them, even if it means printing them off, which is what I have to do because I get headaches from trying to read long articles on the computer :)
"What Happened?"
"What's Coming?"
"What Can I Do To Prepare?"

A couple thoughts for you:
First, as dearly as I love my country, we have some problems. Two major ones stick out in my mind, 1) we have collectively rejected God and any nation who does so is doomed to failure and destruction 2) we have sold our freedom.
The second problem I mentioned has been traced all over the place to various historic events and people such as FDR, President Bush, the Civil War, and so on. Ultimately, I am not sure where the first great 'compromise' of freedom occured, frankly, as much as I love history, I still have much to learn. (Outside of dates and names most history books don't teach much, so now that I have graduated I am going back and learning what really happened and why, and I am excited for all six of my younger siblings who are going to learn it right the first time!) However, what I do know is this, thanks to militant feminism, teachers unions, socialism-run-amuck-under-cover and our own irresponsibility we have forgotten that freedom means responsibility, it means fighting when we are tired, perseverence, diligence, strong home life, and unwaving faith. We have forgotton that it is the parents responsibility to teach/disciple their own children, not the state's (Deut. 6:4:9, Deut. 6:6-7, Is. 38:19, Ps. 78:3-4, Eph. 6:4, and the book of Proverbs which is written as a by a father instructing his son!). We have forgotten the past and not taught the following generations what America was truly founded upon and what she stands for (Ps. 78:4). I spent years thinking that the reason the pilgrims came to America was because of religious persecution, I had no idea that they had found that freedom in Holland but they went to America so that their children could grow up in the nuture and admonition of the Lord without the destructive influences of worldliness! A far cry from today where we send our children to be educated by the pagans so that they can be "salt"! (Matt. 5:13) But, what happens when our children become indoctrinated by the world and lose their savor? Christianity has abandoned the faith, America has forgotten her heritage and our elected politicians are selling us out! Hello! Wake up call, the answer is not found by giving into despair or throwing in the towel and joining the party of the lost, but in recalling the former things, repenting and returning.
May we truly wake up and may God show us mercy yet a little while longer.

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