Thursday, October 23, 2008

Catch Up (Sort of)

Sorry it has been so long everybody, and unfortunately, I don't have much for you tonight.
Right now I am trying really hard to keep focused on what needs to be done in the physical world as opposed to the world wide web. Long story short, it'll be awhile.
Until then, I would encourage you to check out the following blog : Sisters with Standards I just finished looking at it and I loved it!
God Bless,
until next time!

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Abigail E. said...

Hi Monique! I hope you are all well. Yes, there certainly are so many things to be done that keep us from updating our blogs on the WWW. (We need to keep our priorities straight and have all things in balance.) Like right now I'd better go finish cleaning the sunroom, but I wanted to drop you a line.

May the Lord bless your day!