Monday, December 15, 2008

True Power for Women, from Miss. Brodock

Here is a beautiful post from Miss. Olivia Bodock over at "Heart of a Southerner". Before I let you read it I do have to take a moment and note that we Northeners are 'open minded' (and I say that carefully in light of it's cultural context!). I actually read several southern blogs :)
Okay, now that I've made my point, I hope that you are blessed by Miss. Olivia's
"The True Power for Women".

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The True Power for Women
If I cook great dishes, make them into literal works of art as I work them up in a commercial kitchen, and serve them to people I've never met, or will ever meet again, I am called a chef, an artist!
But, if I cook those same dishes for the ones I love most and I nourish my family in the realm of my fathers home, it is said that I am wasting my talent.
If I go to school for years, become a CPA, and manage books for other people that I have absolutely no ties with; I'm a career woman, I'm independent, I am a woman of the twenty first century!!!!
But if I, after years of studying, keep my dad's books, I am then wasting MY life, all that training down the drain!
If I take care of a other people's children, I become their nanny, I am then a childcare professional, I am valuable and important!!!
But, if I take care of and nurture children GOD gives me, then I am old-fashion. I am repressed by a sexist society of dominate males! I am told I am WASTING MY LIFE!
If I care for rooms, homes or offices that belongs to strangers; I'm a housekeeper, a cleaning professional.
But, if I remove dust bunnies out of my own home and make it clean and orderly for my family; It is thought that I am a house wife and am wasting my life with coupons and soap operas! (who has time for soap operas???)
What is the difference between the examples above? Why is nanny-hood OK, but motherhood frowned upon? Why is professional respected and domestic criticized? Why is going through a secular college an assumed event in every high school graduate's life, but simply learning at home and continuing education in many mediums highly disregarded?
The answer is clear. Karl Marx saw it plain and simple. Feminism. If we as a culture can get Mom out of the home, make her feel that she has to bring in a paycheck or other wise she is useless, then we can easily destroy the family. When you destroy the family, you will then destroy the local church. If the churches are destroyed what is stopping the destruction of communities and countries?
Everything... EVERYTHING has a foundation. The foundation for society is family. God gave us this order for governing:
Mother & Father
Church Elders
Government Officials ( Police\Judges etc..)
In the end we end up answering to God. This is the pecking order so-to-speak, plainly laid out before us. If we can destroy this order by neglecting self-government (personal responsibility), remove parental athority, reject church athority, believe ourselves above the civil law, then God help us as we place ourselves in the hand of an angry God. If you think God is not serious about His principles and precepts, I suggest you read what happen to the Israelites.
To sum it up, we as women cannot listen to the ridiculous lies of the Feminist society. Period. Our culture KNOWS the power of a strong, Biblical woman. The problem is, I don't think we as Christian women realize the power we possess!!!
The power we possess is not a corporate power, not a power in the sense that we are as physically strong as men, but it is a deep power that determines the culture of tomorrow. The power Moses' Mom knew she possessed. By raising that baby, she helped lead Israel out of slavery into the PROMISED LAND!! The power of Moms, who for centuries have rocked the cradles of the men WHO CHANGED THE WORLD!!!
The feminist idea of power has taken that true power away from us and we MUST get it back. No one else can do what God has designed us as women to do.
Let our sons in their youth be as grown-up plants, And our daughters as corner pillars fashioned as for a palace;Psalm 144:12


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of the book or the author. Looks interesting though!

Thank you for your comment on my "christmas" post. Very wise words!

American Maiden said...

Miss. Jocelyn,
I don't think it's actually a book, just a blog post :)

Thank you for your post on Christmas, it was very informative, something my family has been evaluating lately :)
God bless!

Leah said...

Enjoyed the post for it's call for women to remain firm in the roles set forth by the Lord, but I do have to take issue with a couple of things.

One is that the family is the foundation of society. It is God who raises up and maintains societies for His purposes. We are to be obedient to His Word to bring glory to Him but God has determined the direction society will take to fulfill prophecies. We must be careful not to assume that just because we maintain a right standing before the Lord that our society will remain untouched.

We live in a very important time in history where we have the joy of demonstrating to the world Christ's work in our lives. God's word calls us to live a quiet life of honor toward the Lord which speaks volumes in our society. We must always keep in mind that this life is not about our comfort, rights and privileges; but taking up our cross and following the One who paid our debt. It's not us against them, our fellow sinners. We are just privileged to have been chosen and must be about in all humility urging others to follow the way of the King of Kings and praying that He will open their eyes.

Yes, the family is very important as it is one of the institutions the Lord has used to demonstrated how authority and submission in the Godhead works, but should not be elevated as the foundation of society. Christ alone has that honor.

We should not be offended nor surprised that our society does not recognize the importance of the Christian woman's role, but excited when we see a glimmer that they do.

This nation has never been "Christian" as many in the believing community purport. We are just fortunate that God, in His mercy, has allowed us the freedom to worship Him without physical persecution over the 200+ years. Yes, many came here to have that freedom, but our government has never been truly Christian; moral,yes, but not God fearing.

I know this was a lengthy response, but I see many young ladies making some assumptions which go outside of Biblical teaching, and thus am genuinely concerned about the increase in legalism within the Christian community.

Always remember that there is a distinct difference between the specific do's and don'ts of scripture and the preferences which we choose to set up in our personal lives to assist us in remaining holy before the Lord. These are not the same for everyone. It's really OK that the society in which we live does not embrace our choices. We need to make sure that we are not trying to impose our choices on others(this includes other believers as well). Then it becomes sin for us rather than the holiness which we desire. We must stop looking around us and strictly look up, otherwise we compare ourselves to others and elevate parts of our lives to a level where it was never intended to be... we begin to judge in ways we were never instructed to do.

Believe it or not, I am simply trying to encourage young ladies to make sure they are living according to the Word of God and not according to personal preference which leads to unrighteous judging of others and a critical spirit as time goes. We become like the ones who we say judge us for the choices we have made personally to serve our Lord in holiness. (Titus 2:3-5, I Corinthians 10:23-33, Romans 14: 1-15:13, 1 Corinthians 8:1-13, 11:1)

Thinking Biblically on these issues:
1. Remember we are not the one who accepts our brothers in Christ, Christ is. (Rom 15:7)
2. Remember we are not their Lord, Christ is. (Rom 14:4-9)
3. Remember you will not be their judge, Christ will. (Is 45:23, Romans 14:10)

We are to confront sin and error not the morality of the issues of conscience. We must not take pride in our convictions. We must leave room to grow to see God's Word is sufficient.

Mrs. Milton

American Maiden said...

Mrs. Milton,
I appreciate your response and concern. Give me some time to think and biblically evalute and I will get back to you :)
His servant,
Monique Hoffman