Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Okay, so I decided that since I am on vacation I am going to take a small break from Obama and particpate in a 20 day old tag! Haha, so there! And no, I am not overreacting, I am having fun :)

Six Random Things About Me:

1.I have cut my own hair about three, four times in the last year and although I haven't always been satisfied with the result I think the worst mistake was going to get it cut professionally. I asked for bangs (skipped the hair wash in order to save some money). I got bangs all right, rather lopsided, short, impossible to deal with bangs.
I have decided that it was a complete waste of six dollars. oh well.

2. I have a habit of breaking into random songs for no good reason other than fun. I might sing anything from "Bless Yore Beautiful Hide" to "Marching to Zion". "Marching to Zion" is always entertaining since I only know the chorus, which means I repeat it multiple times until even I grow tired of the repition!

3. I have started a somewhere around 12 books in the last 11 years, eight fiction and four non. I hope to finish at least two of them , but we'll see :)

4.I live in a family who enjoys breaking into random tickle fights. It's not too unusual to find all of us running all over the house, up and down the stairs, hiding in bathrooms, and screaming in delight the whole time!

5.I love the song "Ho Ro My Nut Brown Maiden" because as a brunette, it is nice to hear a song that doesn't revolve around a blue eyed blonde! (no offense to any blondes).

6. I love to read, but often times I get so excited about the abundance of material that I start 10 books at once and don't finish them because there are more I start to read!

So there you have it. I tag anyone who wants to participate and if you choose to do so I ask that you leave a note and let me know. I would love to visit your blog get to "meet" you!

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Jasmine said...

Fun facts, Monique!

I got your note about the blogging awards. I'm not sure how to put the awards in my blogger sidebar, but to put them in a post, just click and pull them into the body of the post you're writing!

I'm sorry I couldn't be much help. Despite all of my experimentation, I'm not very technologically astute. :-)

Love, Jas