Monday, January 14, 2008

New Jersey!

The Lord has graciously seen fit to allow me the privilege of visiting some very dear friends of mine who live in New Jersey, so I am currently away from my precious family and the wonderful Mid-West. I do miss my family dearly, but I am enjoying my time here. My friend Sarah and I have had our good, solid, encouraging Bible based discussions, thoroughly enjoying each others company and edifying each other in the word. My friend Rebekah and I had done the usual stay up 'til 1 am being giggly and talking about everything and nothing. We've also had opportunity to comfort each other during two difficulties that have come up in the last five days that I have been here. Wednesday I am leaving the Fullers to visit another friend of mine* that I haven't seen in three years-I can't wait!!!! I have enjoyed my time with the Fullers, prizing every moment.
however, as precious as this time has been, I can't wait to see my family again. I have had the time of my life sharing with the Fullers how much my family has changed, telling them how blessed I am by each individual family member and having fun trying to describe the individual characters of each of my wondrous siblings and my parents. At another time I'll have to share with your some of our conversations, but for now I have a headache and need to get off.
'Till next time :D

*Name withheld in respect to the young lady's wishes

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